teens believe, “It’s okay to use prescription drugs that were NOT prescribed for them to deal with an injury, illness or physical pain.”


of teens indicate prescription drugs are easier to get than illegal drugs.

4 out of 10

teens have misused or abused a prescription drug obtained from their parent’s medicine cabinet.

almost 1 in 3

kids report having misused or abused a prescription drug before the age of 14.


of the more than 527 people in San Diego County who died in 2017 from an overdose, had legal prescriptions.

240, or 10 per hour

people die every day from prescription opioid drug overdoses nationally.


people are estimated to have died from substance abuse and overdose in 2017.


grandparents took over raising their grandchildren because of the parents overdosing on opioids and other drugs, such as Heroin, Benzos and other drugs, in 2018.


of heroin users, nationally, reported misusing prescription opioids prior to heroin.


Rx-Caused Deaths in San Diego County in 2017.
White – 207
Hispanic – 34
Black – 21
Other – 5
Asian/Pacific Islander – 4
Native American – 2


86 out of 273, Rx-caused deaths were between the ages of 15 and 34.

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